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Gallery of my past work

Inspired by an article from the Journal of the American Association of Woodturners, I turned this set of chess pieces. This was a lot of fun, but what are the pieces without a board to play on? So I followed up by making the board. A more challenging project for me. 

The pieces and playing squares are made from locally sourced black walnut and sycamore, the board's frame is oak from a local lumberyard. 

I challenge (and teach) my Grandchildren on this chess board.  They catch on very fast. 


Pittosporum Bowls from
St. James' Episcopal Church

Pittosporum is usually found as a hedge, but if allowed, will grow to be a 20-30 foot high tree. Most species are native to New Zealand or Australia. This particular tree, seen at the left side of the church in this photo, has been growing there since the early 60's.  It was taken down in 2018 due to its size and proximity to the building. The wood is strong, light in color and its grain is very tight. Additional pieces are waiting to be finish turned. 
Here is a link to
St. James' Episcopal Church

Pittosporum Bowl, Natural Edge 8" x 5" 
Pittosporum Bowl 11" x 3"
Pittosporum Bowl 11" x 2.3"
Pittosporum Bowl 11" x 3"

Cherry Bowls From the Gardens at Palmdale

I had not heard of this garden before a friend told me of an opportunity to collect some wood from a cherry tree which was to be taken down. I was told the tree was planted in the 1930's by Japanese gardens who managed the gardens at that time. The tree had died, was full of termites and much of the wood was rotten. The grain and color in the wood is beautiful and I was able work around the defects to create many wonderful pieces. 

The Gardens at Palmdale is a five-acre meditation garden, located near Mission San Jose in Fremont. The property was a working garden of Mission San Jose beginning in 1797.  It includes 200 horticultural species, with specimens from around the world. Read more about the history of the garden HERE.  Visit the Gardens at Palmdale web site HERE.

Cherry Bowl 4.5" x 1.6" 
Cherry Bowl 7.5" x 3"
Cherry Bowl 7.5" x 2"
Cherry Bowl, Natural Edge 6" x 4" 
Cherry Bowl 5.5" x 1.3"
Cherry Bowl 8" x 2.5"

Some other miscellaneous works

Cork Oak, Natural Edge - 8.5" x 6.5" tall
Wood from the California Nursery Historical Park, Niles
Cork Oak - 10.2" x 3.3" tall
Wood from the California Nursery Historical Park, Niles
Chakte Viga - 9.6" tall
Wood from Central America
Carob - 10" x 2.3" tall
Wood from Fremont
Black Walnut - 8" x 2.7" tall, Wood from Rancho Higuera, Fremont
Black Walnut - 10" x 3" tall
Wood from Rancho Higuera, Fremont
Italian Cypress - 6" x 2" tall
Wood from my yard
Cork Oak - 7.2" x 2.6" tall
Wood from the California Nursery Historical Park, Niles
Carob - 7" x 3" tall
Wood from Fremont
Apple - 4.7" x 2.2" & 4"x 2" tall, Wood from Newark
Liquidambar - 10.8" x 3.3" tall, Wood from Fremont
Black Walnut - 8" x 2" tall
Wood from Rancho Higuera, Fremont
Carob - 11.3" x 4" tall
Wood from Blacow Road, Fremont
Italian Cypress - 7" x 1.7" tall
Wood from my yard
Black Acacia, Natural Edge - 9" x 6.4" tall
Wood from Richmond
Oak - 14" x 5" tall
Wood from Newark
Magnolia - 10.6" x 3.4" tall
Wood from Fremont
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