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The Fremont Art Association

The Fremont Art Association has been a long-lived institution in Fremont since 1959.  The gallery is located at 37697 Niles Blvd in historic Niles.  Artwork of various kinds, including paintings, ceramics, jewelry, fiber arts, fashions and woodwork are exhibited by members for display and for sale. 

Currently the gallery is open on Saturday's and Sunday's from 12:00 until 4:00.  

If you find yourself looking for a unique hand made gift, think about stopping by the gallery to see the wonderful creations made by local artists. 

To find out more about the Fremont Art Association click HERE

Art Gallery.jpeg

My Work Currently on Display in the Gallery

Sycamore, Natural Edge
7.8" x 5" tall
From St. James Church
Black Walnut Bowl - 9" x 3" tall
From Watsonville
Oak Bowl   6" x 3" tall
From Newark
Black Walnut  7.7" x 2" tall
From Ranch Higuria, Fremont
Apple Bowl   5.7" x 2" tall
From Newark
Pepper Grinder  11" tall
Oregon Myrtle
Pepper Grinder   11.4" tall
Quina Wood, Central America
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